About Amanda:

I have always been ambitious in my work, but I have not always seen myself as an entrepreneur. For the first 13 years of my career I worked for traditional employers; first for Sidley LLP, an international law firm, and then for the County of Los Angeles.

I was still working for the County in 2012, when my spouse and I welcomed our first child, Amelia. When I returned to work after maternity leave, I found that the 2- to 3-hour round-trip commute to downtown Los Angeles began to wear on me. I quickly grew tired of spending only one waking hour a day with my daughter and chose to leave my position with the County in January 2014.

I was content as a stay-at-home mom, but soon found myself craving the balance and comfort that a part-time attorney position could provide. Such positions are, however, notoriously difficult to find, and I was not sure how to begin.

A fateful meeting for coffee with my beloved, recently retired co-worker, Barbara Goul, led to a collaboration that would forever change my way of thinking about the practice of law. Barbara said she and her husband, Jim Owens, had opened their own law practice in estate planning and other matters. Estate planning had always been an area that had interested me, and it was a natural progression for my vast transactional skills. I left there thinking, “I can do this too. I can create a law practice that will work for me, both as a mom and as a practicing attorney.” Soon after that meeting, Jim, Barbara, and I sought further training, and began doing estate plans for clients.

Amanda’s Business:

Drukker Law officially opened for business in January 2015, and I have since assisted many individuals and families in gaining the peace of mind that comes with knowing their estates are in order for their loved ones. I work with each of my clients to develop a customized estate plan that includes, among other things, wills, living trusts, and powers of attorney for health and financial matters.

Through Drukker Law, I also continue the transactional practice I have worked for 15 years to refine. I assist small- to medium-sized businesses with matters such as choosing and forming the appropriate business structure (e.g. sole proprietorship, corporation, or limited liability company); preparing necessary or desired organizational paperwork (e.g. articles of incorporation or organization, bylaws, operating agreements, and business license filings); preparing various ongoing legal paperwork (e.g., meeting minutes, written consents, and amendments to organizational paperwork); and drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a variety of commercial contracts (e.g. information technology contracts, purchase contracts, and employment or independent contractor agreements).

I pride myself on being customer service oriented and budget conscious. I meet clients at the place and time of their choosing, be it at their home or office, in the evenings, or on weekends. As a small business, I also work quite efficiently and am, as a result, able to work within a variety of clients’ budgets.

Website: www.drukkerlaw.com

amandaWhat do you do to find time to break away and breathe?

For better or worse, I need to start every day with some “me time.” I wake early to do this, doing a quick, 30-minute exercise DVD most days during the week, and then enjoying my breakfast and coffee before my daughter wakes. I also endeavor to meditate daily, but admit this is a work in progress. Finally, my favorite way to relax is to enjoy an all-too-infrequent pedicure.

Share a funny moment with your family.

My spouse, Colin, has always been fairly reserved, and I have loved to see how our daughter has brought out his super silly side. On a recent evening, right before Amelia’s bedtime, the two of them came running down the hall, laughing hysterically, because Amelia had her underwear on her head and her night shirt on like a skirt. I love the sound of Colin and Amelia getting each other going with the giggles.