My name is Suzanne Johnson, I have been married 15 years to my husband David. We have a son,
Jacob, who is 8 years old. Three years ago, I had to make a big decision to stay home or change my
career due to health reasons. For me going to work was not an obligation, it was fun. I enjoyed going to
work. It was an opportunity to help customers achieve their financial goals through available banking
solutions. After having over 25 years in banking, it was a difficult decision to make. Even though my
decision was based on my health, it was difficult to accept. It took a lot of personal sacrifice but
eventually the adjustment finally took place.

As a result of missing my daily interaction with customers, I decided to become self-employed. Both of
my businesses were carefully selected
to fully utilize my people skills, excellent customer service, and
banking experience.

Jacob's Pictures 2015 - May 2017 2219My first business is a micro-franchise with Rodan + Fields. They are the famous doctors who created
PROACTIV. Rodan + Fields have developed the #1 Multi-Med Therapy skin care in North America.
My second business is being an independent contractor for Central Payment. My goal is to provide
financial solutions to business owners by reducing cost, increasing sales and cash flow through credit
card processing. I provide a free cost analysis, free equipment on qualified business needs, equipment
financing and I guarantee the lowest pricing.

I enjoy helping all my customers achieve their personal goals and pride myself in providing the best
customer service while working together with two companies as an independent consultant that value
ethics, hard work and encourage family time.

How do you choose to break away & breathe, in other words take a break during your busy schedule?
After leaving Corporate America taking a breather was something I had to learn to do. Presently, I
enjoy spending quality time with my family. I now have time to go to sporting events and attend our
son’s activities.

Share with us a funny moment with your family.

Recently, my son has taken a liking for Michael Jackson. He has a game that challenges you with dance
moves from Michael Jackson’s music videos. Our son Jacob challenged both my husband and I to dance.
We both enjoy his music. So, we thought this was an easy challenge. Yes, it was fun. We danced and
laughed. I could not believe that I had developed 2 left feet and my husband was out of breath.
Needless to say, we had a great time even though we could only complete 1 song and it was the slowest
song on the game.