About Rebecca and her Business’ :

Rebecca Bernard was born in Costa Rica and was raised in Los Angeles, California. She is extremely passionate about children and has over 20 years worth of experience working with infants up to college students in various capacities. Rebecca holds a B.A. degree from UCLA in World Arts & Cultures and a Masters in Communication Management from the Annenberg School at USC. She likes doing things in two’s: she’s a mother of two bright global citizens ages 5 and 7 and she’s also the founder of two businesses, World City Center and FamilyGo.Global.

In 2014 she co-founded a preschool and enrichment center in Los Angeles, World City Center, which offers a high-quality, play-based Spanish immersion experience for young learners as well as after-school enrichment for children of all ages. Her travel agency, FamilyGo.Global, provides family-friendly travel experiences that empowers families to learn on the Go while exploring the world. Most recently she launched her new blog, BeccaTica.com where she dishes on her personal experiences in co-parenting, travel, education, community organizing, and more.

Rebecca is a champion for diversity, cross-cultural exchange, and fostering global understanding. She considers herself to be a citizen of the world and has traveled extensively from a young age. She speaks English and Spanish fluently and French and Italian conversationally.

You can follow her online here:  BeccaTica.com, wcc-la.com and FamilyGo.global for more information on the programs that she offers.

aguiar-familyWhat do you do to find time to break away and breathe?

Spaaaaaaa. I love going to the massage, for a steam, soak or massage. It is so easy to just go-go-go, so I frequently schedule in weekly me time where I can take a breather. I also hit the pool at 5am which is like a moving meditation. No one can talk to you or interrupt, and it is just you and the water. Bliss.