I’d like to share my story by first thanking my mother for being the role model that she is. She came to this country at the age of 15 and she had to fend for herself, as she had no one to do so for her. I have a very brave and strong mother and thanks to the struggles we went through, I became the strong, independent and loving mother, wife and friend you see today. I decided to go into Human Resources, because I wanted to be a voice for that undervalued worker and make a difference and empower others.

However, 20 years later Arbonne found me. Three years ago, I was battling Graves Disease, working 60 plus hours a week, and hardly saw my little girl, Katherine and my husband. I knew something had to change as I could not see myself working for someone else the rest of my life. However, never in a million years had I dreamt that I would trade in my profession for network marketing!!!

Arbonne is a blessing in my life. It brought me back to my family, and has allowed me to live out my purpose in making a difference in other people’s life’s. Thanks to Arbonne, my Graves Disease is in remission, I was taken off my medication, my husband’s GI issues are gone, my daughter’s eczema is under control and as a bonus, my husband and I look younger!

image1Now that my family and I can spend quality time together, we enjoy going out on road trips that involve being in touch with Mother Nature. It helps with bringing us back in balance with our busy lives and really appreciating us and the gifts God has given us.

Though, I have to share that on our last road trip from the Grand Canyon to Havasu, we hit a hailstorm while driving and it was hilarious. I was stressing out and in panic mode… “stop the car and pull over!!!” Katherine, my 8 year old daughter was so excited and ecstatic to see hail, “OMG… this is the coolest thing!” while my husband just laughed and kept asking me to calm down and take the blanket off my head!

One way I like to break away and breathe is by practicing Raj Yoga meditation, energy healing, mature walks and volunteering for foundations such as: www.teambossyboitd.com

Please feel free to visit my Health, Wellness and Beauty business website at: www.angelamerchain.arbonne.com to learn more about Arbonne, this 37th Swiss Heritage and Vegan Certified brand.