My name is Amanda N. McRoberts. I am the birth mother of two beautiful girls, ages 10 and 1, only one of which we have the pleasure of raising. I am also mother to a 3-year-old furbaby named Greaser, who got his name for his Mohawk and his escape artist ways. I am a business coach who helps female entrepreneurs develop and/or improve back-end business processes so more action can be accomplished towards their goals consistently. You can find me at

untitledWhat do you do to find time to break away and breathe?
During my busy schedule I take breaks by listening to Disney Music. Things just don’t seem like work when you’re sitting there singing along to the Lorax’s Let It Grow (not to be confused with Frozen’s Let It Go), Hercules’s One Last Hope. Disney music is a staple in our house. I also take my one-year-old and dog on walks when the humidity is not too bad to do the 1.5 miles around the block, or to the mall to people watch. If, on the rare chance, I am child free (either thanks to family or I’ve taken a day off from my 9-5 and she’s at daycare), I will cook, clean, sew, draw/paint, or even build a new Excel Workbook (or maybe work on some VBA code) to take a break from something that I’m working on.

Share with us a funny moment with your family
The funniest moment I can think of would be when my daughter said Bull S*** in proper context. She has a play table with a computer, phone, keyboard, and book. When you open and close the computer it plays music and my daughter dances. Open, music, close, music, open, music, close, music, open…….silence….. “Bull S***” says the 10 month old. Close, music. We broke out laughing, and so did she.