This month’s Feature Mom is Kim Kane. She has been a member with Mom Entrepreneur Alliance for over a year.  She is a mom of 2 teenage boys and she loves the beach, dogs and all things health and wellness.

We would love to share her story with you.

I began my journey with wellness 28 years ago teaching fitness classes & personal training while working toward my degree in Exercise Physiology. Learning about nutrition came in waves a little in college, but really later, after we had our boys and a health issue forced our family to make a Big change. Our oldest son, 10 at the time, was diagnosed with food sensitivities to eggs, dairy, gluten, and citrus. Learning to make kid friendly meals that tasted good and had nutritional value without those key staples was challenging, but because of my interest in health and wellness, it was a blessing that catapulted my journey as a Certified Health Coach. I now have the honor of working with women, men and families to help them learn to live a healthier lifestyle that gives an abundance of sustained energy, while losing a few pounds and preparing meals everyone will love without hours of cooking. Meeting my clients wherever they are on their personal journey is a key component to my clients’ successes. So to be able to offer my clients more, I recently became an Arbonne Consultant. I can now add a cleansing component and botanically based skin care products that support my philosophies as a Health Coach. I love what I do and I am so incredibly blessed to have found my passion early in life so I could hone my skills and bless others with my years of knowledge and training.

Taking a break and honoring ourselves with self-care is a vital part of living a balanced healthy lifestyle. My sanctuary is the beach. Something about the crashing waves, salt air and sand under my feet has always been relaxing for me. It is a peaceful place for me to walk our dogs in the mornings or to sit with my green tea and watch our son surf, read my Bible or just breath and BE.

Fun event… My husband loves to ride bikes on the boardwalk through Newport Beach, CA, and well let’s just say for me…  it’s more stressful than relaxing with all the potential “hazards,” not to mention the lack of “togetherness” for us because of all the dodging and getting separated. Not enjoyable. So it rarely happened. My husband’s solution was to buy a Tandem bike. His thought was that we’d be together… my thought was lack of control, ugh! Turns out I was so wrong. I love it. We love it. My stress of riding on the boardwalk is gone because I trust my husband (an expert boardwalk bike rider) will keep me safe and the best part is that I’m so confident in his skills… I sit back and am literally “along for the ride.” I get to sit back, not hold on, kinda pedal-sometimes and I just put my feet up, look around  to enjoy the beach scenery and do some people watching. But the BEST part is hearing women on their own bikes ride by notice my comfort and carefree relaxed demeanor and say to their significant others, “I want a Tandem!” We are loving the experience together and getting in a lot of laughs!

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