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Sharisse Dalby, RNC
Health and Holistic Nutrition

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I provide nutrition support for people struggling with digestive and emotional issues, while helping them manage their time better to fit a healthy lifestyle into a busy lifestyle. I also help musicians and athletes manage their immune systems, inflammation, and energy levels through sports nutrition.

When my kids were ready for solid foods, I was appalled to see the stages and ingredients for baby food. I resolved to do something different. I figured I had one shot to get them healthy and I was going to take it.

That was the very moment that I found my “why” – my kids, their futures, their children… and with that, I knew I needed to practice what I preached.

I made a plan for introducing foods in a healthy way for my kids and resolved to make all baby food myself. I threw out all packaged and processed foods left in our house and never turned back.

This ignited my passion to help others take control of their health and to advocate for proper nutrition for children.

My life is overflowing with children and adults who have finally found their “why” and have made permanent changes. This drives me to continue speaking out about the ill affects of improper children’s nutrition, fad diets and educating people on proper nutrition.

I find immense satisfaction from equipping people with the information and tools they need to change their life.

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