About Stacy:

I am a young (and darn proud) 22-year-old mom to a beautiful, outgoing, and adventurous “baby” girl, Marley, who is 19-months-old. Her dad (Jimmy) and I are kicking life’s butt with our awesome “rad pad” (aka our 1st condo). We both work full time during the week. During the weekends, we like to spend our time together going on adventures that include hiking, off-roading, dirt biking, snowboarding and camping in the desert, in the mountains, or at the river!

Stacy’s Business:

Thelmosity is my 2nd baby (aka, my business).

Thelmosity was officially launched on June 9, 2016. Our main focus is to help small businesses (or other entrepreneurs with a vision) to develop and maintain a uniquely branded online presence. We can either make a website from scratch, or we can build onto an existing website. Our team strives in online marketing; whether there is a need for paid advertising (such as on Google), for SEO (Search Engine Optimization, which means changing the wording on a webpage to make it more pleasing to the search engine “bots” that search your website (*I would be happy to explain bots later*), or for Social Media advertising (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) We can also help with all-around business branding such as designing logos, business cards, letter heads, envelopes, social media icons, etc.)

Website: www.thelmosity.com

stacy-barnes-mom-entrepreneurWhat do you do to find time to break away and breathe?

Wow. What a question! It can be so hard at times to be able to “break away” when you have such a busy lifestyle and a little shadow (who you love dearly) always at your heels. BUT this is something that you must do! I initially tried to “do away with me time” and it was a disaster!

Lately, I have been going outside for at least 10 minutes every evening after the crazy commotions of the day are done. I just sit there staring at nature. Now, I live in one of the most populated counties in the country, so “nature” can be hard to find. But I do not let that stop me! I will sit on the patio of my condo and stare at the stars. I will watch the breeze blow through the trees. I will listen to the sounds of the critters around me. I often find myself sitting out there for much longer than 10 minutes!

Share a funny moment with your family.

We recently added a new kitten (Bogey) to our family and Marley is absolutely loving him! Well, this one night Bogey decided to climb into a box that was on top of our bed. He was laying in there for a few minutes when Marley realized that he was in there. She would peak in at him, and he would peak his head out at her. Then, she would place her hand
towards the opening of the box, and Bogey would softly paw at her hand. Each time Bogey would peak his head out or paw at her, Marley would laugh hysterically and throw her head back with a big huge smile. This went on for a good 15 minutes or more! Jimmy and I were laughing along with her and thoroughly enjoying the moment.

I am so excited to be able to start spending more time with my family and create many more silly and fun memories.