As a mom, there is a lot of pressure to do life perfectly. We need to have a perfectly clean house, well-behaved kids, a thriving business and a healthy body. The world seems to think we have an infinite number of hours in a day, and yet, somehow, I can’t even find enough time to dig through the laundry pile to find my Supermom cape.

When it comes to a healthy body, social media makes it look easy. They say to simply eat your fruits and vegetables and get in your daily exercise. That sounds doable, doesn’t it? Until 6am hits and the kids are up demanding breakfast, lunches need to be packed for school, and kids need millions of reminders to get dressed, brush teeth and remember their backpacks. All of a sudden, our healthy eating plans come down to “Oops, I forgot to eat breakfast,” or “Give me all the coffee!”

Yet, we know that focusing on our health can benefit us, our business, and our family by bringing our mind more focus and clarity, and bringing our body more energy and productivity.

With such great benefits, is it possible to get healthy without spending all our time in the kitchen? You bet it is and I’ve got three simple tips to help you feel your best.

Leverage Your Weekends

First things first – if you take a little time each weekend to plan and prepare some of your food, you’re golden for the entire week. Keep it simple, though. You don’t need to start with a full meal plan and all your meals prepared. Start small.

Take 30 minutes to create a simple meal plan. For example:

Monday – Burrito Bowl

Tuesday – Zucchini Pasta

Wednesday – Slow-Cooker Veggie Chili

Thursday – Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry

Friday – Kids choice (healthy version!)

Saturday – Pasta Vegetable Salad

Sunday – Leftovers

Then take 30 minutes to prepare a large container of pre-cut vegetables and to wash your fruits. This makes whipping up a salad or throwing some raw fruits and veggies in the kids’ lunches a breeze.

Sharing is Caring

We all know that it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle if your family isn’t on board. The second simple step to getting healthy is to surround yourself with support – and your family is number one on this list.

Involving your family in meal planning and prep helps them invest in their own health and it develops a love for eating healthy food, too.

Your kids can be a great help in the grocery store, and learning how to prepare healthy foods at a young age helps them develop a love for the foods they are eating.

Make the Most of Your Snacks

The last tip is to pay attention to your snacks. This is where most people trip up in their healthy eating. Either you’ve eaten too few calories and so you make up for it at snack time, or you feel freedom with snacks because you’ve had so much self-control for every other meal. Snacks can be a big source of calories, sugar, preservatives, and food dyes – if you’re not careful.

Snacks are meant to be your body’s “support” throughout the day. They are meant to give your brain a little extra thinking power and your body a little extra energy to get you through the humps of the day.

When trying to get healthy, snacks are a key opportunity to nourish your body. It’s a great place to start your health journey and as you nail those healthy snacks, you can expand that knowledge to your meals.

Choose snacks that are high in healthy fats and protein to give long-lasting energy and sustenance, and choose snacks with natural sugars and fiber when you need a quick pick-me-up. Try the Almond Stuffed Dates recipe below for a perfect snack any time of day.

Your health does not require perfection. Taking small steps every day towards improving your health will add up to big changes in the long run and will help you with your family, business, and confidence.

You got this, momma!

Almond Stuffed Dates
Recipe by Sharisse Dalby, RNC


4 Medjool dates, pitted

2 Tbsp unsalted, raw almond butter

Optional toppings:

Dark chocolate chips, 60% cocoa or more

Unsweetened coconut

Unsalted, raw pumpkin seeds

Unsalted, raw sunflower seeds


Carefully slice down one side of each date, lengthwise, careful not to go through both sides – you want them to stay attached.

Stuff each date with 1/2 Tbsp of almond butter and eat as is, or sprinkle with your favourite healthy topping.

Serves 2

Sharisse Dalby, RNC provides nutrition support for people struggling with digestive and emotional issues, while helping them manage their time better to fit a healthy lifestyle into a busy lifestyle.

She also helps musicians and athletes manage their immune systems, inflammation, and energy levels through sports nutrition.

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